About Unblocked

Being the last man standing in unblocked is such a tough goal! Are you ready for this Zombie Strategy io game that draws the inspiration from Zombs Royale and Build Royale? Honestly speaking, playing zombie games with battle royale concept is a trend now. There are many games like this released in browsers, and free is one of them. You will spawn in the map with no weapons in your hands, so you must find some of them by moving around the arena. You can get yourself a shotgun, a pistol, a rocket launcher, or even a machine gun. Make the most use of them to deal damage to your opponents before they escape. At the same time, you must watch out for the danger zone as it gets smaller. Do whatever it takes to stay out of it, or else you will lose health then end up dying. You have to gather kills, survive all challenges, beat all rivals and be the last one standing!

How to play

The mouse is used for the movement, press the spacebar or the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse or key W to sprint, press key Q to change weapons and key F to drop weapons.

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