YORG.io 3

About YORG.io 3 Unblocked

YORG.io 3 is a completely new chapter in the YORG.io game series. Similar to the previous chapters, in this third installment, you also have to create a base and try your hardest to get through the zombies that are attempting to kill you at night. Now, you must stand up to go against them for your survival. Make sure you position mines and factories for supply chains that can generate a huge amount of ammo for your protective towers. These towers help dodge the incoming attacks of zombies. Also, you have to research as well as keep all towers upgraded for more special abilities and more strength to cope with the zombies as they can become tougher when you progress further into more stages. Your goal here is to fight off all waves of zombies. There are many elements making YORG.io 3 unblocked a great game to master, such as many towers to unlock, more zombies, harder bosses, etc. Are you ready for it? Play YORG.io 3 free online now! You can play YORG.io 1 and YORG.io 2 free as well!

How to play

Interact with objects and kill zombies using the mouse only.

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