About WormsZone.io Unblocked

WormsZone.io online is a game similar to Slither.io. Whether you are playing as a worm or a snake, you still have to evolve yourself into the bigger one and kill enemies for the domination of the arena. Have fun with this snake-themed io game and you will know how good your slithering skill is.

Play WormsZone.io Unblocked Online
Play WormsZone.io Unblocked Online

When you first spawn in the map in WormsZone.io unblocked, you have to slither your way through a big area full of goodies. Those goodies are free to eat, so consume them as much as you can to make your size bigger. You have to pay attention to the enemies moves that are around you. Avoid contact with them to focus on eating more goodies for a big size. Don’t jump into a battle with them yet! You should take a step back and keep powering up yourself with goodies or even power-ups that are dispersed across the arena until you have a big size and become a confident worm. When everything is ready, you will want to eliminate other worms around you. To kill them, go around them and make their heads collide with your body. Or, you can give your worm a speed boost to bypass them and cut them off, making them run into your body too. When you finish a kill, you can collect the orbs dropped by the worms to get your size bigger. You have to remain alive for as long as possible until you get to the top place on the leaderboard!

How to play

Move your worm using the mouse. Click the left/right mouse button to speed it up.

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