About Unblocked free unblocked is a new io game allowing all online players to join the same arena where they must kill each other for their ultimate victory. The first thing you will do is to pick a hero for yourself. game features many types of heroes with various styles to play. Each of them is also armed with unique abilities, like casting lightning magic or even throwing gigantic rocks. Once you step into the battle, you must fight against enemies using your cunningness, your excellent skills, and your great strategies for a chance of finishing all of them. Make the most use of your hero’s exclusive skills to surpass all the challenges that the game throws you in. If you get through all of them, you can prove that you are a strong one that never gives up on his dream. Keep leveling up your hero, increase more points with your preferred skills and end up as the best hero in the game.

How to play

Use the mouse for moving around the map, click the left mouse to assault enemies.

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