About Unblocked unblocked is an interesting io game about dodging and bumping. The game pits you against many rivals worldwide on the same map. You will have to move forward, arc left or withdraw. Try to make fast movement so you can gobble all sushi power-ups for making your size larger. When you take up around 205 of the arena, you don’t have to move fast but have to move smartly because your rival can outplay you anytime while doing the same task as you. If you know where they are or where they will move to, quickly cut them off and wipe them out of the arena. You aim to become the best Sumo wrestler – the strongest one in the arena so you need to fight tactically for achieving that goal. game can be similar to in terms of gameplay. Will you give it a shot for more challenges? Play and have fun with it!

How to play

Control the movement of your wrestler using WASD or arrow keys.

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