About Unblocked unblocked is a stomping arena-style io game with classic gameplay and nice features. You only have one goal in game, which is to jump on all enemies to eliminate them from the arena. The players can be bigger or smaller! If you stomp a smaller one, you will make them lose all their stars. But when you encounter a bigger enemy, you can only make half their stars go away. No matter how many stars they drop, be sure to collect them to increase your size, which makes you stronger than ever. You have to be careful if you bump into a bigger player because you will be knocked back farther. Don’t forget to use ledges to your advantage. These ledges allow you to stomp through them from beneath them, but they will not let you fall through them from above. Make use of them to get an upper hand on enemies and stomp them all. Can you top the leaderboard in free? Play it now!

How to play

Control the movement of your jumper around the arena using the mouse. Pick up stars to get bigger, click the mouse to smash attack and drop straight down. Try to stomp enemies to take their stars while protecting yourself from getting stomped.

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