About Unblocked

If you want to join an io game unblocked where you can become an artist and guesser, then Sketchful Drawing Game is a good choice for you. All players will have chances to take on these roles. When you become the artist, you will get a word and your mission is to draw it so others can guess what it is. Try to describe the word appropriately, don’t give too many details. Make sure everyone can guess and earn points. Conversely, when someone is drawing, which means you are the guesser now, you have to stay focused on the drawing then try to guess the word right and first for a lot of points. At the end of the unblocked game, your score will decide your rank on the leaderboard. The main goal here is to top the leaderboard and prove that you are the best player. You can play Sketchful io online free in your browser now to challenge new friends from around the world.

How to play

Use the mouse to draw stuff. Press B to use the brush, E to use the eraser, F for filling the bucket, C to clear your drawing, and Z to undo an action.

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