About MNML.GG Unblocked

In MNML.GG unblocked, you have to create a big team of 3 constructs from various skills and specializations. MNML.GG strategy game features two-phase: VBOX and Game. The VBOX phase is when you can customize your team with unique skills as well as choose specializations to enhance your constructs’ stats. Plus, during this phase, you can even merge items together to generate variants and synergies that are even stronger. When you come to the Game phase, you must focus on defeating your enemies by disabling their constructs. You can even make them waste their abilities, grow the power for your own constructs and eventually eliminate the enemy teams from the arena. You must come up with smart strategies or even combine tactics so you can get an upper hand on other rivals. Try your best to conquer all challenges. Your big goal in this multiplayer io game is to lead your team to the ultimate victory.

How to play

Interact with the objects and perform the movement of your character using the mouse.

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