About Inky Unblocked

Inky unblocked is one of the latest snake io games free for all. You can play Inky free game now with a lot of friends from around the world. In this title, you will become an inky snake slithering through a huge arena full of enemies. Since you are very small when spawning, you must eat some colored dots dotted around the map or use your tricks to kill some players to get your size larger. Things will be easy for you when you grow your size. You can take advantage of your big body to kill even more snakes. However, make sure you protect your head from running into the body of a certain snake, or else you will be destroyed, and the whole game will be over for you. The longer you survive, the higher the chance you can top the leaderboard. Inky free online game needs a hero! Can you be that one?

How to play

Control the movement of your snake around the map using the mouse. Left click to dash.

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