About Unblocked

In an area control game called online, you will team up with other players and together, you have to pain the city with your team’s color for the ultimate victory. Teamwork is an important element to your success in this multiplayer io game, so make sure you have teamwork throughout the battle for a higher chance of winning.

Play Unblocked Online
Play Unblocked Online

When you work together with other teammates in game, you should support each other in all situations. Make your way through the map painting the city with your color as much as possible while paying attention to the moves of the rival team. You have to go over your enemy’s color if you want to win, even though it is not easy to do. Make sure you pick up power-ups and upgrades dispersed on the ground and use them to move faster, cover more area, as well as knock the rivals into oblivion. Moving fast is always a good way to get an edge over your opponents, because the faster you move, the more area you can cover. unblocked is not only about fighting against the other team in an arena, but it also lets you prove your painting skills. Try to score as much as you can, lead your team strategically through the challenges and take them to the ultimate victory.

How to play

Move your character using the mouse. Hold the left mouse button to paint the city with your color in the game.

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