Flap Royale

About Flap Royale Unblocked

If you have ever been crazy about Flappy Bird game, now try this Flap Royale unblocked for crazier challenges! The most interesting about Flap Royale free game is that it features the battle royale element, just like other battle royale io games. This means you will compete against many players from around the world in an epic competition where everybody is dressed as a bird flapping its wings to fly through pipes. Like always, you will be dropped out of a car, and your adventure will begin from here. As a bird, flap your swings carefully to overcome all pipes that stand in your way. If you touch one, your race will be over. But if you surpass one, you will be rewarded one point. Keep earning more points until your rank can grow to the top of the leaderboard, making you the best bird! How far can you fly? Play Flap Royale free game now!

How to play

Use the mouse or press the spacebar to flap your wings.

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