About Unblocked is a multiplayer shooting game opening up a tough battle in skies. Get ready to become a pilot navigating your helicopter to fight against other players! With the same developer as game, unblocked will keep you engaged for sure. When you make your way through the skies, you have to deal damage to other rival helicopters, drones, and tanks. The more damage to dish out, the more enemies you can kill, which means you can level up higher. Keep your skills improved through over time so you can become more powerful than your opponents. There are many weapons you can evolve your helicopter with, such as multiple cannons, fast-shooters, grenades, snipers, etc. Don’t forget to use other special abilities, like bullet wipe, teleport, grenade, etc. in order to outplay your opponents. You aim to rule all enemies and top the leaderboard! Are you ready for free game? Play it now! Much fun!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the mouse to aim and shoot. Press E or X to use special abilities.

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