About Unblocked unblocked is a fun and cute monster-themed io game that is the same as in terms of gameplay mechanics. In the game, everybody is dressed as adorable monsters that are able to chomp each other. You spawn in the arena as just a small monster, meaning you have to go eat a lot of food and kill other players to evolve yourself. Only the strongest and biggest monster can rule the arena! So, you must do your best to grow your size. As you absorb food, you will gradually grow up. You can aim to defeat the weaker monsters while defending yourself from the bigger ones, or else you will get beaten. There are many weapons you can use to kill enemies, like a fish wand, devilish trident, ent’s branch, etc. Don’t forget to accelerate when you are in danger or when you want to catch your prey. Your monster is able to move faster after chomping some food. Can you top the leaderboard in free game?

How to play

Move your monster around the map using the mouse. Use the left mouse to attack enemies and use the right mouse to sprint.

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