About Unblocked

Similar to other battle arena io games, in unblocked, players also have to compete against each other for the ultimate victory and the championship. game is the same as the classic Bomberman games when it turns you into a hostile Bomberman armed with a ranged weapon that is used for dealing damage to other rivals. Your main mission here is to kill others, so you must make use of your given weapon to eliminate them before you meet a sticky end. Rather than planting bombs in the arena, now, you have to aim and shoot bombs at enemies to wipe them out. Make sure you aim carefully, adjust the angle, take the accurate shots then launch bombs. The more kills you pick up, the higher the score you will earn, which then allows you to unlock more powerful weapons. Can you triumph above all enemies to rule the leaderboard in online? Play it now!

How to play

Aim and shoot bombs at enemies using the mouse. Navigate your Bomberman around the map using the arrow keys.

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